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(#90) Brian: My new invention

(1) LISA: What are you doing, Brian? BRIAN: Fulfilling my destiny as humanity's intellectual offspring. My invention will improve human lives! (2) LISA: A teleporter? JANE: A remote that inflicts pain on telemarketers? BRIAN: No--I am inventing the BLUR BUTTON. (3) BRIAN: It's a mute button for the eyes. If a TV scene is too bloody, they can press this button to blur the screen. (4) LISA: That's a great idea! JANE: If it doesn't start a fire. BRIAN: That only happened ONCE!
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TSB wrote:
I came up with the idea for the blur button because Joe and I need one. Some of the shows we like have bloody close-ups of medical procedures, and we both react to those scenes by looking away. I'm quite blind without my glasses, so I sometimes pull them down my nose a little so that the screen is too blurred for me to see the gross details, but I can tell if it's still red.

I have sometimes made remarks about a remote control that hurts telemarketers, but I don't think I could really use it on them. I'd save it for creepy crank callers.

I want a teleporter more than anything, because I hate to drive. I keep asking Joe to invent one, but I don't think he's really applying himself. He did make the sketches on Brian's clipboard though, and he held Lisa upright for the lovely shot in panel 3. That shot is my favorite of all the shots I've ever taken.
04/02/06 14:33:33

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