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(#91) Jane: Why do they need a blur button?

(1) JANE: So, you're doing all this just because humans get grossed out by blood and guts on TV? BRIAN: Exactly! This will help them. (2) JANE: But why do they need this? Why does it bother them so much? Everyone knows that stuff is fake. (3) [No one speaks.] (4) ALEX: Maybe you have to have blood and guts for it to make sense. LISA: Yes! JANE: Sure. BRIAN: Okay.
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TSB wrote:
Alex didn't speak in the last episode, but this goes to show that he was there for a reason. (Actually, Alex is there for a couple of reasons, but this is the only one I've revealed so far.)
04/09/06 13:09:51
D7ana wrote:
Glad to see Alex talking again.

Cute how he had the answer that the others agreed with, oh yeah.

04/16/06 19:58:08

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