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(#93) Brian: You believe in me?!

(1) BRIAN: My blur button is still in the theoretical stage. I'm not positive that it will work. JANE: I'll bet $20 that you can make the TV blurry. (2) BRIAN: You believe in me?! I always thought there might be a grudging respect for me under your gruff exterior. (3) JANE: I believe you'll break the TV, which will make it blurry. But I think that's as far as it will go. (4) BRIAN: Close enough. Would you like to contribute that $20 as an investor? JANE: Not a chance.
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TSB wrote:
Everyone wants to be liked and respected, but Brian is pragmatic enough to take what he can get.
04/23/06 11:29:22
So many channels, I would just leave blurred. What Brian needs to make is an IQ booster!
04/23/06 13:20:33

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