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(#94) Brian: Invention advice for action figures

Q: Why do your siblings give you such grief about making a catapult? Our human made us a working 1:6 ballista, and has promised us an onager. They should encourage your spirit of inquiry.

A: My siblings are still bitter about the catapult because we all had to spend a week helping with the post-fire cleanup. How was I to know that my catapult would be strong enough to reach a hot pan of oil in the kitchen?! My planned trajectory was the hallway. There were no hot pans of oil in the hallway. Thatís the last time I build a war machine out of kitchen utensils.

I do not deserve this reputation. When I create my next invention without a single spark, they will see that the catapult incident was just a fluke.

Iíll show them. Iíll show them all.

Q: Iím having trouble with some of the cats and dogs in our neighborhood. Do you have any adviceóor inventionsóto help action figures avoid becoming chew toys?

A: I was working on a keep-away spray, but it dissolved Alexís clothes for some reason and Iím not allowed to work with chemicals any more.

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TSB wrote:
For Brian's first advice column, the first question was submitted by Scott the Badger and the second question was anonymous.

One of my goals for Action Figure Diary this year was to give Brian a chance to shine. He's a great character, and I wanted to put him in situations that let the readers get to know him better.
04/30/06 13:02:28
" I'll show them, I'll show them all" That sounds ominous!
04/30/06 21:58:55
TSB wrote:
Brian can sometimes be an ominous guy.
05/13/06 22:12:21

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