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(#99) Brian: I could be so much more

I wish I could do my inventing somewhere else. This environment is not conducive for me at all. My short-sighted siblings are so blinded by the memory of that accidental catapult fire (that wasnít my fault) that they canít appreciate my grand vision. I could be so much more if they werenít holding me back.

When my blur button is complete, I will have fulfilled my destiny as humanityís intellectual offspring by improving human lives. And when the reporters ask about my magnificent achievement, I just might have to mention that I had to toil away at my amazing creation in our apartment, without the benefit of proper laboratory conditions!

And perhaps someone with influence and connections will recognize how much more I could accomplish in the right environment and help me gain access to a real laboratory. With the appropriate equipment and the companionship of worthy colleagues, who knows how far I could go?!

That would be magnificent.
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TSB wrote:
I love how grandiose Brian can be. It makes him fun to write.

About last week's sneak preview: "Next week's episode (#99) will include the line, 'And my kung fu is the best!'" Unfortunately, life took some twists and turns this week and I couldn't get the "kung fu" episode ready in time. I apologize for that. That episode is still in the works, it just needs a little more time.
06/04/06 09:39:27
He'll show them! He'll show them all!!
06/04/06 20:53:08

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