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(#100) Alex: My kung fu is the best

(1) ALEX: I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hid that fire extinguisher near your project because I wanted to help you. BRIAN: I don't see your meaning, but I do believe you. (2) ALEX: If we have another fire, you probably won't be allowed to invent any more. But if I'm prepared to put out the first spark, I can help keep your dream alive. (3) Alex . . . I don't know what to say. (4) ALEX: You could say that Superman rules, Batman drools, and my kung fu is the best! BRIAN: Batman rules! Superman was born that way!
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TSB wrote:
I am SO pleased to present Episode 100. I love all my characters, but the goofiness of Alex and Brian and their brotherly connection holds a special place in my heart. For me, this comic is right up there with (#75) Alex: Christmas with Khan

I'm thinking about switching Action Figure Diary's schedule from once a week sometime on Sundays to once a week on Monday mornings.

Switching to Mondays should give me a boost in traffic, because my comic would be fresher on the comic feeds and directories when surf on Monday mornings. (Monday mornings are big on traffic for all my sites.) Switching to Mondays should also help me be more consistent about what time I post.

If you have an opinion about Sunday postings vs. Monday postings, please let me know.
06/11/06 16:07:04
Brothers gotta look out for brothers!
06/13/06 22:54:47
MW wrote:
I like Alex jumping up in the air. Your character development is most appreciated.
06/14/06 09:55:46
TSB wrote:
Thanks for the comments! This project is SO fun to write.

To keep Alex from falling over, I suspended him with a fishing line that's pinned to an overhanging counter. I was going for that Karate Kid finishing move (crane kick?).
06/18/06 14:27:00

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