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(#101) Lisa: Happy Dad-ish Day!

(1) LISA: Happy Dad-ish Day! ALEX: We appreciate all the Dad-ish things you do. BRIAN: We bought you a remote-controlled car. We can ride it while you steer. JANE: You were supposed to buy a gift from his wish list, not yours. CAPTION: Happy Dad-ish Day from Action Figure Diary
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TSB wrote:
When I was looking for a way to approach this year's Dad-ish Day comic, I remembered that when we were little, my brother and I would buy our parents presents that WE thought were cool. (Like the time I bought my Mom a UNICORN PUZZLE--seriously.)

We didn't mean any harm, we just had a very limited worldview, as kids tend to do. Since that seems to be a fairly common experience, I thought it would be fun to give it the Action Figure Diary treatment.
06/18/06 14:06:45
Ah, but Dads are grateful to just be remembered!
06/18/06 21:54:51

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