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(#103) Alex: What's next?

(1) ALEX: Okay, Brian. I've gathered those parts you asked for. What's next? (2) BRIAN: What's next is that we better the lives of all humanity by giving them a button they can use to blur bloody TV scenes! (3) ALEX: I know that. What's the next little step? (4) BRIAN: Oh, right. Take the backs off those two and hand me the tweezers.
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TSB wrote:
If you look closely at panel 1, you'll see that their lab table is a breakfast tray on top of the Star Wars edition of Trivial Pursuit. (Best $3 I ever spent--my husband and his friends acted like they were too cool to play it, but then had a blast playing it twice in a row!)

P.S. This comic was posted later than normal because Joe and I spent the past few days on non-stop househunting for our very first home.
07/04/06 14:31:14
MW wrote:
Brian, I see, is jumping ahead to the huge picture in his enthusiasm.
07/05/06 06:12:33

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