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(#105) Brian: A small price to pay

(1) ALEX: Do we have to take the TV apart to build the blur button? BRIAN: No. I'll attach my invention to the cable and blur the signal from there. (2) ALEX: That's good. I couldn't see how we'd get the TV open by ourselves. BRIAN: You need a human for that. I asked Joe to do it once, but he said no. (3) ALEX: Why? BRIAN: Because the capacitor in a TV can severely injure a human and fatally melt an action figure. You know how he is. (4) ALEX: Are there capacitors in any of this stuff? BRIAN: Tiny ones--the worst they could do is melt a finger or something. A small price to pay.
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TSB wrote:
I think it really says something about Alex's loyalty to his brother that he's still in the room after hearing that.
07/16/06 11:26:28
Katya wrote:
ahahaha...boy, does that sound like most of the tinkerers I know.
07/16/06 11:41:29

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