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(#106) Brian: Why worry?

(1) BRIAN: Our timing is perfect. Joe will be home soon and we can show him the blur button. ALEX: Shouldn't we do a lot of tests first? (2) BRIAN: You doubt my invention? ALEX: Of course not, but it might need fine-tuning. (3) BRIAN: I've been testing the circuits along the way. Everything is fine. Why worry? (4) ALEX: Just trying to watch your back. I'm here for you, bro.
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TSB wrote:
As a character, Brian is a good example of the difference between intelligence and wisdom.
07/23/06 17:33:36
But we would never advance without the risk takers!
07/24/06 22:09:14
MW wrote:
Is he using a screwdriver from a glasses repair kit? I really enjoy 1:6ers interacting with 1:1 props.
07/25/06 05:43:21

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