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(#108) Brian: It's a feature!

(1) JOE: It's okay. Your invention worked. You just have a bug to fix. ALEX: It's random, but I like it--blurry and Spanish, clear and English, blurry and Spanish... (2) BRIAN: It isn't random. When we blur the video signal, the audio signal jumps to the Spanish simulcast. Not sure why. I only tested the video, so I didn't catch it. (3) BRIAN: I'm sorry, Joe. I wanted to give humanity something wonderful. JOE: You did. (4) ALEX: We should learn Spanish anyway. It's a multicultural world. BRIAN: Eureka! It's not a bug, it's a feature.
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TSB wrote:
My husband is such a good sport to model for me. I LOVE his expression in panel 4.
08/06/06 19:37:27
Alex can cover thier butts that fast, and he is not in charge of your small folk?
08/06/06 21:44:18
MW wrote:
I too like the 4th panel expression on your husband.
08/07/06 08:22:44
Tom Bekey wrote:
Hey, that bemused expression runs in the family. We all look like that. The important item in our gene pool though is the receding hair line. The hair thing is a sign of our success and it's called coming out on top. (Another quaint family feature)
08/07/06 10:17:09

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