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(#109) Brian: Making it work

I have fulfilled my destiny as humanityís intellectual offspring. My blur button is a successóit makes the screen blurry! Unfortunately, I didnít anticipate that the audio would jump to the Spanish simulcast. I hope to be able to fix that, but if I canítóI will find a way to make it work.

Bilingual families or people trying to learn a second language might like it. Schools might see it as a teaching opportunity. Oh, and if I make it available to schools, those kids will grow up to buy one later! On second thought, that strategy failed for Macintosh, so never mind.

I wonder what happens if you use the blur button on a station that doesnít have a Spanish simulcast. Will the audio stay stable, or will it go mute? What if I make it jump to a Spanish station with an English simulcast and then jump back again?

This didnít go the way I wanted it to, but Iím trying to stay positive. I met my primary objective of blurring the screen. I didnít start a fire. (Take THAT, Jane!) Joe seems happy. And Alex is now whiling away the afternoon learning Spanish terms for autopsy procedures.

I can live with that.
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