Action Figure Diary—Episode Gallery

(#3) Lisa: Still works!

(1) LISA: What do you want to do today, Jane? JANE: Anything that gives me a break from Alex. (2) LISA: That's a great idea! JANE: It is? (3) LISA: Of course! By taking some time apart, you help create a space in which our family can heal. (4) JANE: Huh. (5) JANE: Lisa, I'm really just trying to avoid getting grounded again. LISA: Still works!
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TSB wrote:
One of the things I like about this strip is that it shows the action figures in motion while giving you insight into the unique personalities of each girl.

I was looking for ways to emphasize that they are alive in this story and I think this was a nice way to do that.
10/20/04 14:33:05

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