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(#110) Jane: Love that blur button

(1) BRIAN: What do you think of my blur button? JANE: I love it! (2) BRIAN: Really? I thought you might find the jump to Spanish simulcast annoying. JANE: No way. It's excellent! (3) JANE: I used to just mute the president, but now I can blur him and your screw-up makes some Spanish guy talk instead. I can live a president-free existence! (4) ALEX: That seems wrong. BRIAN: I think I need to go lie down.
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TSB wrote:
When I first started to plan this episode, I felt like the blur button was wrapped up and was looking to move on to something that included Jane & Lisa. As I brainstormed, I realized that the blur button arc didn't feel complete without Brian seeing Jane, Lisa, and Trish react to his invention, so we're going to go there for a bit before we move on to the next arc. (About the politics--Alex and Brian are military action figures, so that influences their politics. Jane is opposed to most authority figures on principle, so that's the basis of her politics.)

(1) What would you do with a button that blurred your TV screen?
(2) What would you do with a button that blurred your TV screen and changed the audio to the Spanish simulcast?
08/20/06 13:29:18

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