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(#111) Lisa: My kinder, gentler version

(1) BRIAN: What do you think of my blur button, Lisa? LISA: It's opened up a whole new world for me. (2) BRIAN: Really? How? LISA: I used to avoid disturbing movies like this. Now I can enjoy them. (3) BRIAN: Is this Rocky? LISA: Yes! When you get rid of all that fighting it's a beautiful love story. (4) BRIAN: You're watching Rocky without the fight scenes? LISA: I blurred the part where he punched the cow meat, too.
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TSB wrote:
The action figures in my comic don't eat. But if they did, Lisa would be a vegetarian.
08/27/06 14:18:41
Lisa is sweet, hard to believe that Jane is her sister
08/28/06 10:10:51

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