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(#117) Alex: What about raccoons?

(1) JOE: Trish and I have bought a house. Time for us to move out of this apartment. ALEX: I don't want to live at ground level! Animals might get in! (2) JOE: It's okay. Cats and dogs can't get in the house. ALEX: What about raccoons? Is it protected from raccoons?! (3) BRIAN: I've read that urban raccoons are getting much bolder. They can be dangerous. (4) JOE: I've asked you to help me reassure him at times like this. Why would you say that?!
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TSB wrote:
Most of what happens in the comic has nothing to do with my real life, but Joe and I really have bought our first house. We moved last weekend and it was the roughest move I've ever had. Everything is chaotic right now and many things have gone wrong. (Example: I'm sending this over dial-up because the cable company goofed.)

I'll miss our old place. Action Figure Diary was born there. I know I'll find great shooting locations in the new house, but it's a shame I won't be able to reuse most of my old shots.

This is the first time I've lived on the ground floor since being traumatized by multiple break-ins years ago. As I was planning the storyline to transition the characters to the new location, I decided to use Alex's fear of being more vulnerable to animals as a parallel to my own emotional journey.

I'm picturing Alex with a lot of brightly colored plastic cocktail swords...
10/08/06 15:35:53
Well, since Lisa and Jane will be with him, Alex doesn't have to worry about skunks. CYs work with skunks in the skunks unceasing battle against werewolves. So that is 2 dangers that Alex won't have to be concerned about.
10/08/06 18:35:13

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