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(#118) Jane: That's so weird

(1) BRIAN: How is everyone feeling about the move to our new house? JANE: I'd like it better if we were using the spare room for a home theater. (2) BRIAN: We don't need a home theater. We need a lab with a locking door! LISA: A yoga and meditation space would be nice. (3) ALEX: None of that matters unless we have a raccoon-proof panic room. (4) JANE: That's so weird, I'm not even sure how to mock it. ALEX: You'll change your tune when the raccoons come for us.
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TSB wrote:
Please don't judge Alex. Sooner or later, we all have that dark time when we wish for a [personal boogeyman]-proof panic room.
10/15/06 15:39:30
Mock ye not the cautious man, lest the coons come!
10/15/06 21:32:47

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