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(#4) Jane: Totally unfair

I think itís totally unfair that I get in trouble so much. Everything was just fine before all these guys moved in. Itís not me, itís them.

Things were great when it was just me, Lisa, and Trish. We hung out, watched movies, went to yoga classes, visited friends, and had fun. Lisa and I had this really nice shelf in Triciaís room. When it was time to go to sleep, Tricia would turn out the light and the three of us would snuggle into our beds and talk as we got sleepy.

Once Joe moved in, we couldnít have a shelf in Triciaís room any more because they needed privacy. Our shelf was moved to another room and we have to knock before we go in the bedroom now. Itís totally unfair. I still share space with Lisa, but itís not the same as having all that private time with Trish.

Joe didnít move in by himself, either. He brought his own pair of action figures with him, and now the four of us have to share. Thereís only one TV, so we have to share it. Thereís only one stereo, so we have to share it. Thereís only one computer room, so we have to share it. Iím sick of sharing!

Itís not just the sharing that bugs me. I didnít know boys were so annoying. Theyíre always around. Their stuff is everywhere. They yell at the TV when theyíre watching sports. Whatís that about? The only people who can hear them are the ones who live here, and weíd rather not.

Lisaís too nice to say anything and Triciaís in love. Iím the only one seeing this clearly and they just wonít listen!

Itís totally unfair.
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TSB wrote:
When I first came up with the idea of living action figures, I was trying to decide whether it should be a fiction project or a comic project.

On the one hand, a fiction project can give you greater insight into a character's thoughts.

On the other hand, a comic project requires less of an imaginative leap for the reader, because they can see the action figures interacting with the world.

My husband came up with the idea of making this a combination fiction/comic project, and I've been having fun with that.

I develop the idea of which story I'm going to tell this week, and then decide whether it would best be told as a comic or a diary entry.
10/20/04 14:40:17

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