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(#123) Alex: Thumbs are not enough

(1) ALEX: This roll-top desk is cool, but tough to open. BRIAN: Yes. It's much easier to open with two of us. (2) ALEX: Well, it's designed for humans. I mean, any old creature with thumbs couldn't just waddle up and open it, right? Right?! (3) BRIAN: Alex, I cannot picture a raccoon being capable of opening a closed roll-top desk while you hide in it. (4) ALEX: Cool. Just checking.
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TSB wrote:
There was no good reason to have Brian wonder what Alex was trying to say, because (1) Alex is not tremendously complicated; and (2) they ARE brothers--even as a kid, I wasn't confused about what scared my little brother. (Happy birthday, Eddie!)

I thought raccoons had opposable thumbs, but I looked it up this morning and found out they have non-opposable thumbs. Now that we've all learned something, please feel free to go back to vegging out.
11/19/06 10:44:30
KatyaR wrote:

No opposable thumbs, but they can do a lot with what they have...(not mentioning that to Alex, though, since Brian's *just* gotten his mind at ease
11/19/06 11:03:31
TSB wrote:
Exactly! The material I read this morning also said that raccoons can open doors--I had no idea. I'll work that into a later comic. Poor Alex.
11/19/06 11:06:59

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