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(#124) Brian: Get it over with

(1) BRIAN: I'm tired of hiding from Jane. I'm going to end this. (2) BRIAN: I'm sorry I hit you with the ball. Hit me back and get it over with. JANE: That's no fun. I'll just get you later. (3) BRIAN: But . . . (4) BRIAN: Doesn't matter. You throw like a girl, anyway. (5) LISA: What was worse--the anticipation or the pain? BRIAN: Brain . . . screaming . . .
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TSB wrote:
Some of the other lines I considered for Brian in the last panel:

1. Ball bad . . . brain screaming
2. Red girl . . . big kaboom!
3. This never happens to Batman.
4. Are there little cartoon birds circling my head right now?
5. May I mambo face the dog patch? (I could have sworn this line--or something close to it--was in a Get Fuzzy comic, spoken by Bucky after getting his butt kicked. I loved the idea of paying homage to it, but I couldn't confirm the wording.)
11/26/06 15:35:43

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