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(#126) Trish: Action figures vs. wrong numbers

(1) (1) PHONE: Is Robert there? ALEX: I've told you fifty times now--you have the wrong number! (2) PHONE: Is Robert there? LISA: Are you calling this wrong number every day to avoid dealing with your feelings? (3) PHONE: Is Robert there? JANE: Maybe Robert moved to Antarctica. Why don't you go look for him there? (4) PHONE: Is Robert there? BRIAN: Don't make Robert angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
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TSB wrote:
Art imitates life. We recently got a new phone number and I've had some obnoxious calls from a couple of guys who refused to believe they had the wrong number and kept calling back and saying, "Stop kidding around, Sara. Put Robert on the phone."

After they wore out their welcome, I had a little fun at their expense, then tweaked my phone so their calls wouldn't ring through any more.

I think Robert and Sara are avoiding them on purpose.
12/10/06 18:25:30

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