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(#127) Alex: Reindeer all over the place

(1) ALEX: You know, with all the Christmas stories about reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, you'd expect to see reindeer all over the place, pulling stuff. (2) JANE: That would be tough, since they aren't real. LISA: They're real, they just don't fly or have glowing noses. (3) JANE: Okay, but are they strong enough to pull stuff? BRIAN: They look quite strong. (4) JANE: Now I'm stuck in a world where Alex's question makes sense. Why aren't there reindeer all over the place, pulling stuff?!
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TSB wrote:
I see Jane admitting that Alex has a valid point as Action Figure Diary's version of a Christmas miracle.

I'm completely unprepared for Christmas so far, except for the fact that I have prepared several weeks of comics for the holiday season. Little bit stressed about that . . .

I'm planning to switch Action Figure Diary from Sundays to Mondays starting January 7, 2007. The plan is to have the comic posted Monday morning at 8 or 9 am instead of sometime Sunday.
12/17/06 14:57:20

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