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(#130) Jane: The bulls need a travel agent

(1) JANE: Joe, have you ever wondered what bulls are thinking? JOE: No, I haven't. (2) JANE: They're not helpless like chickens. They're big and have horns. They can fight or run. JOE: Bulls run every year in Spain. People get hurt. (3) JANE: Wow, the bulls in other countries are probably jealous. (4) JANE: That's what bulls are thinking! They want to get to Spain! JOE: Let me know if they get a good deal on airfare.
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TSB wrote:
I love Joe's attitude in panel 4--like he's heard this sort of thing so many times that he knows better than to get worked up about it.
01/11/07 13:44:45
Amithi wrote:
Sometimes it's just not worth arguing with them. :P
01/12/07 00:41:48
TSB wrote:

A reader has requested a new Jane advice column, but we need new questions! Send your advice questions today with our handy advice form:
01/12/07 10:01:02

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