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(#131) Brian: Snow sculptures, part 1

(1) BRIAN: I call mine 'Mad Science.' ALEX: I call mine 'SuperAlex Saves the Day.'
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TSB wrote:
Setting up this photo was hard work! My husband was a real trooper about working on it with me, and it still took us ages. The snowballs kept falling apart.

The eyes are made of whole black pepper. I soaked the toothpicks in soy sauce and black tea to darken them, but they were still hard to see, so I touched them up on the computer.

I also took a photo of Jane and Lisa's snow sculptures, which will be next week's comic.

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01/15/07 16:29:46
Amithi wrote:
I would have expected something more technical and sharp-angled from Brian, because I just can see his snowman shouting "It's alive! It's aliiiive!" ;) But I love sseing the Superalex cape again. Can't wait to see what the girls came up with.

Greetings from Germany, Ursula
01/15/07 23:07:10
LOL! How Calvinistic!
01/16/07 22:08:44

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