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(#138) Alex: Advice on raccoons vs. dogs

Q: I know that you are concerned about raccoons, but isn't there just as much danger, if not more, from neighborhood dogs? (Especially the yappy little ones that just have a generally bad attitude.) Also, what about squirrels?

A: Reasons why raccoons are MUCH scarier than dogs:

(1) Raccoons have thumbs, so they can open garbage cans, doors, and all kinds of other things that dogs canít.
(2) Raccoons are nocturnal, so theyíre most likely to sneak up on you when youíre sleeping.
(3) Raccoons have resisted domestication, so theyíre much tougher than dogs.
(4) Urban raccoons have been getting bolder and more dangerous, even going so far as to attack cats and dogs.

Squirrels freak me out when Iím outside, but no one I know has had issues with them invading the house. Iíve heard lots of stuff about raccoons coming in through pet doors and terrorizing families and pets.

Honestly, I donít know why everyone isnít building raccoon-proof panic rooms right now. Wake up and fear the raccoons, people!

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