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(#141) Alex: The story so far

(1) JOE: It's okay. Cats and dogs can't get in the house. ALEX: What about raccoons? Is it protected from raccoons?! [Episode #117] (2) ALEX: None of that matters unless we have a raccoon-proof panic room. [Episode #118] (3) BRIAN: Alex, I cannot picture a raccoon being capable of opening a closed roll-top desk while you hide in it. [Episode #123] (4) ALEX: I found a box of traps in the garage. They can be our first line of defense. [Episode #136]
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TSB wrote:
I am deeply sorry about my unplanned hiatus and lack of communication. I was overwhelmed when multiple areas of my life went wrong at once and it was a struggle to get through each day. I never thought this would happen to me because I worked ahead, but it wasnít enough.

Iíve planned out the rest of Alexís raccoon arc and look forward to sharing it with you. Itís a privilege to have you read the stories of these lovely characters and I hope you will continue to do so.
06/18/07 14:23:57
Amithi wrote:
Welcome back, Trish, I missed the diary and hope that evrything is alright again. Looking forward to new episodes, especially to the conclusion of the racoon-story!

06/19/07 04:40:45
KatyaR wrote:
We've missed you! Hope things are indeed settling down in 1:1 life.
06/20/07 19:38:56

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