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(#142) Alex: Fake that bait

(1) JANE: What are you doing? ALEX: I'm using clay to make fake bait for my raccoon trap. (2) ALEX: This way, I won't be luring raccoons into the house with the smell of food, but they should be tempted to investigate it if they come in. (3) BRIAN: I don't know, Alex. Fake input can lead to fake output. JANE: Hmm, you don't say... ALEX: Very funny, Jane! I know it was you!
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TSB wrote:
This episode took longer than usual to shoot, but I'm pleased with the result. The strangest part was choosing which of my stuffed animals to pin in a rat trap! (Baby Bear is recovering nicely...)
06/25/07 23:12:40
Amithi wrote:
I like the way Alex solves his "food smell" dilemma, he is always so involved and likeable naive.
And the stuffed animal - now that is truely a Janeian response! :D
Get well soon, Baby Bear
06/26/07 05:22:13
Brigadier Graemon wrote:
Nice to see you back at work, Trish. I've missed yer little people stories...more than a little, to my surprise! (Pun intended!)
Glad things are better.
06/26/07 06:21:10

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