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(#143) Alex: Gearing up

(1) ALEX: Brian, will you help me with my raccoon defenses? BRIAN: Sure, Alex. (2) ALEX: Since we're not allowed to have real weapons, I want to hide these plastic swords around the house. (3) A secondary line of defense in case the raccoon gets past your trap. Do you have anything else? (4) ALEX: I found this in the Halloween stuff. BRIAN: It's scarier when Jane holds it, but it's still pretty good.
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TSB wrote:
The prop Alex is holding in panel 4 was a fun little find. When we bought our house a few months ago, we discovered odds and ends from previous owners, as you do. This stirrer was in a tiny garage cabinet by the kitchen door that contained seeds, bulbs, and a plastic Ronald McDonald cup filled with old souvenir cocktail stirrers, mostly from planes.

This stirrer looks like a pitchfork, but it's really a trident. The stem says, "Nordeutscher Lloyd Bremen," which appears to be a 1960s passenger ship. The top says, "Neptun," which I'm guessing was the name of the lounge or something.

The moment I found this prop, I pictured Jane holding it and looking very menacing. Since I havenít worked that image into a plot yet, you get to see Alex with it first.
07/02/07 12:23:11
Amithi wrote:
As always, Alec's naivety is cute to follow.

The Norddeutscher Lloyd (or NDL, meaning "North German Lloyd" was a ship owning company founded in 1857 in Bremen. They merged in 1970 with another company (now Hapag-Lloyd). I would suppose Neptun was the name of a ship, but I couldn't find it in fleet lists of NDL-owned ships.
07/02/07 22:45:26

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