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(#144) Jane: I call it overcompensating

(1) JANE: Are you sure you guys have enough weapons? BRIAN: Trust me, Alex. We really, really do.
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TSB wrote:
I really like Jane as a character. You never have to wonder what she means.

Another idea I considered for this episode was to have Jane go about her day finding plastic swords everywhere--under the remote, between the sofa cushions, etc.

This was inspired by the time I bought 40 little (kid-style) Valentines and hid them all over the house for my husband--in the pockets of his clothes, between items in the pantry, etc. I even put a couple in his summer clothes so he wouldn't find them for months. He was so thrilled whenever he found one, you could hear his laughter throughout the house.
07/09/07 13:27:48
John Falzone wrote:
Gee, that sounds like something I did one year on your birthday at your grandmother's house. The (scavenger) hunt is always fun.
07/09/07 18:40:24
TSB wrote:
Thanks for the memory, Uncle Johnny!
07/16/07 00:30:56

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