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(#146) Trish: Story break

(1) . . . Harry looked from one to the other, unable to say anything. The measures they had taken to protect their families made him realize, more than anything else could have done, that they really were going to come with him and that they knew exactly how dangerous that would be. He wanted to tell them what that meant to him, but he simply could not find words important enough.
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TSB wrote:
My original idea was to read the final lines of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, have one of the action figures say, "Read it again!" and have one of the other action figures say, "Can we get a 20-minute break first?" I really loved the idea of having the final lines in this little tribute comic, but I knew that would be a minefield in terms of spoilers. (I read the entire book on Saturday so that I could enjoy it without being spoiled.)

I'd also like to say that as a writer, I am thrilled to live in a time and place where the publication of a book is such a major event.
07/23/07 10:53:35

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