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(#7) Alex: Up, up, and away!

(1) ALEX: SuperAlex patrols the city, ready to protect his fellow action figures from cats, dogs, and any other dangers that might be lurking. (2) ALEX: SuperAlex knows the dangers of the city. He knows how important it is for someone to keep watch. JANE: Oh my God! Lisa, he's a freak! (3) ALEX: Wow, you guys are home early. LISA: We... forgot something. We'll just grab it & go. (4) ALEX: SuperAlex resumes his patrol, ever ready, ever vigilant. And after his patrol, he will hang a little bell on the front entry so he knows when his roommates come home.
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TSB wrote:
This strip is one of my favorites. I just adore it.

When I get an idea for AFD, I like to test-drive it on someone (usually my husband). If my test audience laughs, I roll with it. If not, I keep working.

When I described this concept to my husband over dinner, he laughed REALLY loud. He laughed even more when he actually saw it.

What I adore about this strip:
-- we see one of Alex's daydreams;
-- we see Jane's knee-jerk intolerance;
-- we see Lisa's knee-jerk protectiveness of someone else's feelings;
-- we see that Alex is so secure in his goofiness that he doesn't let Jane's criticism stop him from having fun.

About Alex's outfit: I was trying to find him a Superman cape, but I couldn't. I decided to make him a cape out of an old towel, with the implication that Alex made it himself. The cape didn't show up very well against his red Hawaiian shirt, so his shirt had to come off. The red cape looked strange with his green pants, so I used the red shorts instead. And lo, Alex's superhero outfit was born.
10/20/04 14:59:53
19-Jul-2012: My first visit to Trish world.
This page is really awesome!
07/19/12 10:08:25

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