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(#150) Alex: Oh no oh no oh no oh no

(1) ALEX: Who left the back door open? That isn't safe! (2) ALEX: Hello? Where is everyone? (3) JANE: Help! Help! (4) ALEX: Oh no oh no oh no oh no . . .
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TSB wrote:
It is ON!
08/20/07 08:01:16
Sonya wrote:
I can't see the help help picture close enough to see what it is...please I am so curious what is happening....has something go one of them...
I love your stories and look forward to them every do such an awesome job and you never know what is going to happen and what they will get funny
thanks and keep up the wonderful work
08/20/07 16:19:02
TSB wrote:
Thanks for the kind words! I replaced panel three with a tighter shot to make it clearer. Does that help?
08/21/07 00:00:19

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