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(#156) Jane: Advice for annoyed roommates

Q: My roommate is a pest when we have company. When my friends and I are watching a movie, she interrupts three or four times to ask if we want to play cards or Scrabble or whatever. We keep telling her that we’re never going to stop a movie in the middle to go play games, but she won’t knock it off. What would you do?

A: I would tell her that I want to play a game called “Xena vs. the Fool” and she’s the fool.

Q: My roommate is a slob who leaves his shoes, jackets, and other junk all over the house. It drives me nuts to dodge his stuff all the time. What would you do?

A: If I couldn’t just ignore it, I’d make a pile of all his stuff. However, there’s no guarantee that I’d tell him where the spot is or that I’d use the same spot two days in a row.

If I’m going to pick up after someone else, I might as well have fun with it.

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