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(#8) Jane: He’s a freak

Alex is sooo weird. Lisa and I walked in on him having one of his superhero fantasies again. What is wrong with that guy?

He has this sad little cape he made out of an old towel, and he wears it with a pair of red shorts. Then he climbs up on top of something and pretends he’s flying around and rescuing action figures.

This guy is so scared of cats and dogs that he hates going outside without a human—but he pretends to rescue everyone else. I just don’t get that.

I do know why he calls himself “SuperAlex” (the lamest superhero name ever). He’s a huge Superman fan. Don’t even try talking when Smallville is on. It’s so pathetic.

I don’t get the appeal of “boy scout” superheroes. Boooring. I like dark heroes, like Xena, Wolverine, and the Punisher. They’re not gonna just wag a finger and scold you, they will MESS YOU UP.

If I didn’t think it was so lame, I’d walk around the house pretending to be a dark hero. I would rule this house with an iron fist, and they would all be better off for it.

Oh, yeah. I would kick ass.
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Uncle Vinnie wrote:
This series is Great!!!! Will Xena meet SuperAlex? Will SuperAlex wrestle with the compatition of Xena's super heroe status, versus the fact that he really likes the way she looks in the costume? I Love this!!
09/22/04 04:51:15
Uncle Vinnie wrote:
Will Uncle Vinnie learn to spell????
09/22/04 04:52:35
TSB wrote:
I'm glad you like it. Thanks for writing!
10/02/04 13:35:20
TSB wrote:
I must admit that in a stressful week, writing Jane's diary entries is extremely cathartic.
10/20/04 14:41:50

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