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(#170) Alex: Joe's favorite superpower

(1) JOE: What have you guys been doing lately? ALEX: Talking about which superpower we would choose. (2) JOE: I would still choose the ability to breathe anywhere--under water, outer space, no limits. (3) BRIAN: So, basically, you're saying you want to be a living action figure. (4) JOE: You say that every time I mention this, and that's not my point!
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TSB wrote:
I approached this arc in two stages. First, I had to decide what each character would choose as a superpower. Then, I had to find the joke in each of those revelations.

Finding the joke in Joe's superpower was much harder than usual for me, but once I found it, I knew it was the right fit.
04/06/08 20:02:32

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