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(#182) Brian: Advice on secret labs

Q: I'm thinking about developing a secret lab to keep my sisters from interfering in my experiments. Have you ever tried this? Do you have any suggestions or warnings?

A: This is an intriguing and tempting idea. Having a place to experiment without criticism could really help an inventor grow. In terms of safety, however, I feel obligated to mention that a hidden lab could be a hazard to an inventor whose experiment has gone dangerously wrong, since it would hinder rescue attempts.

I think a better way to accomplish something like this is to hide in plain sight. If you could think of an activity that requires a private space with the door closed, but holds no interest for the other people you live with, you could use that as a cover for a lab. People wouldn’t interrupt you, but they would still be able to hear you if you screamed for help.

For example, Lisa and Jane could be planning world domination in their yoga space, but since Alex and I have absolutely no interest in yoga, we would never go in there to catch them. Maybe I should go see what those two are really up to, just to be sure . . .

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