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(#184) Jane: Reasons why daylight saving time is stupid

I think daylight saving time is stupid, hereís why:

1. You have to spend ages changing all of the clocks, but you never get them all, so you keep finding odd ones over the next few days.

2. It gives you jet lag without leaving the house. The next several days can be confusing in terms of when to wake up, when to go to bed, and what time your favorite shows are on.

3. Brian told me that it doesnít even do what itís supposed to do, which is save money on energy costs. That means that this whole thing is as pointless as tilting at windmills.

Arizona is too smart to fall for daylight saving time, so I tried to convince Trish and Joe to move there, but they werenít having it, even though some really nice people live there.

Iím going to start a movement in this house. Iím going to ignore daylight saving time just like Arizona does. I will lead by example and show them the folly of their ways.

I wonder how Xena would handle this . . .
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Tom Bekey wrote:

Sure there are nice people who live in Arizona. Did you know that Joe's Dad is one of them? While all of you are sitting around inside your house in wet old Seattle, trying to stay warm and dry, he's relaxing on his patio every morning having fresh squeezed orange juice from his own trees. He also gets to go hiking in the hills that start just across the street from his home. Oh yes, he also goes swimming or else just sits in the hot tub any time that he wants to.

If all of you went to Arizona, he would also let you help him when he is doing irrigation system repairs. Being a lot shorter than he is, one of you could get into where the pipes usually break and could patch them real easily.

Think about it.
03/15/09 20:47:36
TSB wrote:
Hee! Nice one, Tom!

We have a recurring household joke in which I insist that my sweet, gentle husband is secretly plotting to take over the world. I sometimes ask if he will do me the favor of enacting certain policies when this finally happens.

Eliminating daylight saving time is on the list.
05/25/09 18:01:41

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