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(#11) Joe: A costume of your own

(1) JANE: Joe, can't you make Alex stop walking around in that cape and acting like a freak? JOE: Why would I do that? JANE: Because he's weird! (2) JOE: I encourage Alex and Brian to be creative and express themselves, Jane. Maybe the real solution is to get you a costume of your own. Would you like that? (3) [Jane pictures herself in three costumes.] (4) JANE: Thanks, but I'm not the sort of person who sees herself that way. JOE: Okay. Let me know if you change your mind.
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TSB wrote:
Thanks for being such a good sport, Joe!

Not only does Joe let me bounce ideas off of him all the time, he also makes a valiant attempt to improve my photography skills, and he was such a patient model during this shoot.

The lighting in our kitchen is not very good and the action figures look weird when you use a flash. It took me a lot of shots to get this one right, and he had to keep posing his face every time. Best husband ever!
09/30/04 15:16:31
TSB wrote:
Looks like I have a fan in Japan:

That's so cool!
09/30/04 15:16:52
The three imaginary costumes by her is really cool :)
07/19/12 10:18:46

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