Action Figure Diary—Episode Gallery

(#17) Brian: Testing my new skills

(1) LISA: Jane and Alex are having a fight over the TV. Would you like to test your new skills? BRIAN: Yes! (2) BRIAN: How are things going in here? ALEX: I want to watch the game, but Jane won't stop hogging the TV. JANE: There's a Xena marathon today. Bite me. (3) BRIAN: Look at it this way, Jane. Xena is a story of epic battles, but you've already seen all the episodes. Football is symbolic of an epic battle and each game is unique. You might enjoy it. (4) JANE: Did you hit your head or something? Unless Lucy Lawless is playing, I'm not interested. ALEX: Nice try, though.

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Joe wrote:
I am really impressed with this one. You have done a great job of changing the camera angles and the character's poses, creating a greater sense of action and motion then in some of your previous entries.

Well done.
11/08/04 00:26:15
TSB wrote:
Thanks very much! This was actually one of my hardest shoots, because the action figures keel over VERY easily.

Alex kept falling forward and landing with his finger in Jane's ear (look at his hand in panel 2). Brian kept falling forward and landing with his head in Jane's lap (look at their positions in panel 4).

It's a good thing those action figures aren't really alive. Jane would have kicked their butts.
11/08/04 17:15:25
Looks like original. Nice attempt.
07/19/12 10:28:55

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