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(#25) Jane: My new world order for 2005

Everyone is talking about resolutions lately. I think that I should be taking a firmer hand around here, so I’ve made a list of what some other people’s resolutions should be:

Trish: Stop working so much and come home more. If you have to be out late, at least be out having fun.

Lisa: Let your inner bad girl out to play once in a while. We’re sisters—you must have one in there somewhere.

Joe: You work a little too much, too. You haven’t really bugged me yet, so just keep making Trish happy and we’ll be cool.

Alex: Stop being such a freak and just deal with real life. It won’t bite you—and if it does, just bite back.

Brian: Get out of your head and into the world more. If you can get out during Xena, that would rock.

There you go, that’s my new world order for 2005. If people listened to me, the world would be a better place.
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TSB wrote:
I played with a lot of ideas for this entry. Nothing quite clicked for me until I got the idea of Jane's new world order, then it just flowed. Writing as Jane is always fun.

I don't make real resolutions on New Year's. It's just too self-defeating. Instead, I resolve to do (or not do) things that are second nature, such as "I will not eat giraffe meat." It makes the whole thing a lot more fun.
01/02/05 10:55:46

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