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(#26) Jane: Snow in your face

(1) JANE: You guys are going down! ALEX: Dream on! (2) JANE: Oof. ALEX: Uh-oh. (3) LISA: Jane, no! It's only a game! (4) LISA: Stop! JANE: Let's see how you like snow in your face, Alex! BRIAN: Hey!

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TSB wrote:
This was my first time shooting the action figures outdoors. The only lawn we have is a little bit of grass out front, so I was doing this right next to the sidewalk (see panel 3).

Several people walked by as I was setting up the shots. It was pretty funny. They all managed to say "Hello" in a way that implied "Will someone be bringing your medication soon?"

I knew that I wanted to shoot the action figures in the snow today, but I had trouble coming up with a plot. Joe suggested this plot and I ran with it. Thanks, honey!
01/09/05 15:24:34

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