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(#28) Joe: That's not my point

(1) ALEX: Joe, can you drive me to Crystal Mountain. They have snow there. (2) JOE: That ski resort is a couple hours away, Alex. ALEX: So, can we go? (3) JOE: You want me to drive that far so you can play in the snow? ALEX: How is that different from when you go skiing? (4) BRIAN: Because playing in the snow is free and Joe pays big money to ski. JOE: That's not my point!

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TSB wrote:
When we were setting up the shoot for this comic, Joe decided that he and Brian should be playing Battleship and started setting up the boards.

I think it's a great touch and I love the fact that he's so into this project. Thanks, honey!
01/23/05 11:39:00
KatyaR wrote:
I adore these stories, Trish. You and Joe are fortunate to have a project you enjoy doing together. :)
Love the interaction between owners and 'pets'.

Keep 'em coming! Thank you!
01/23/05 12:04:14
Joe wrote:
Actually, Brian and I were holding a tournament and the score is two games to two. As a result, we have decided to settle this using some other game. Right now Brian is arguing for Scrabble while I have proposed Twister. While my game suggestion may seem unfair, (the range of motion on Brainís joints is fairly limited) I have to admit that I am borderline dyslexic and Brian knows it.

I am sure once Brian and I decide on a new contest you will see it in the comic.
01/24/05 02:06:36

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