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(#30) Jane: My justice list

(1) BRIAN: What are you working on? JANE: My justice list. Trish won't let me send hate mail any more. (2) JANE: This is my top ten list of people I'd smack around if I got the chance. That guy who killed his pregnant wife is getting punished, so I'm reworking it. (3) BRIAN: Who else is on it? JANE: The president, Tom Cruise, that guy who won't leash his dog... (4) BRIAN: Wait, Tom Cruise? JANE: It's his smarmy smile. That guy bugs me.

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TSB wrote:
Earlier this week, talking to Joe:

Joe: "What are you doing for the comic this week?"

Me: "I haven't decided yet. I'm not feeling well and it's got me cranky. I think I should write something as Jane."

Joe: "Oh, definitely. Where would you like to go with that?"

Me: "How about something like a rage diary or a justice list? I threatened to suspend her e-mail privileges if she didn't stop sending hate mail, so Lisa has her put that stuff in a little notebook instead."

Joe: "That sounds promising."

Me: "Okay. Now I just have to decide who bugs Jane and why."

And lo, Jane's justice list was born. I'll be playing with this idea a little more in coming weeks.
02/06/05 10:21:19
Smile of Tom Cruise bugs her...ha ha ha... interesting
07/19/12 10:58:56

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