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(#33) Trish: Attack of the sunbeam

(1) [Lisa sees Alex sleeping in the sunbeam.] (2) [Brian sees Alex and Lisa sleeping in the sunbeam.] (3) [Jane sees Alex, Lisa, and Brian sleeping in the sunbeam.] (4) [Alex, Lisa, Brian, and Jane sleep in the sunbeam.]

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TSB wrote:
I went for something a little different this time. I like to experiment.

This shoot was much harder than I thought it would be, because the action figures wouldn't stand up on the carpet. Jane was so impossible that I eventually had to stick a bendy straw in the back of her belt to brace her upright, and then angle her so the shadow of the straw wouldn't show.

With the added pressure of being worried about losing the sunbeam, I was a bit stressed on this one. Ironic really, since it's supposed to evoke a lazy, sunny day.
02/27/05 13:12:19
JohnnyE4 wrote:
Oh Man it's always good to find a good warm sunbeam to lay in
02/27/05 14:59:26
Uncle Andrew wrote:
Replace the action figures with cats and it's afternoon at our house. ;-)
02/28/05 12:55:03
TSB wrote:
I was so worried that people would be put off by an episode of Action Figure Diary without words. Turns out that sunbeam naps are a crowd pleaser!

It's a good thing I shot this comic when I did. Looks like yesterday was the last sunny day we'll have for a while.
02/28/05 18:28:34

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