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(#38) Trish: Enough!

(1) JANE: She should dump him! LISA: No, she should give him another chance! (2) JANE: She's better off on her own! LISA: Their love makes them stronger! (3) JANE: She had the Green Destiny sword. She could-- TRISH: Enough! (4) TRISH: If you two are going to debate this movie again--go sit somewhere else!

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TSB wrote:
There was no way I could do this shoot on my own. In situations like this, I do the storyboard and computer work, and Joe does the camera work. Thanks, honey!

I've been wanting to play with the image of Lisa and Jane as an angel and devil on my shoulders for a while now. I'm very grateful to Joe for helping me pull this one off.

Have you guessed which movie the girls are talking about? It's this one:
04/03/05 10:11:39
@Trish: Very well done in all 4 panels.
07/19/12 11:23:38

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