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(#39) Jane: Time to learn poker

(1) JANE: So, what's all this? ALEX: Poker. Joe gave us his change jar to play with. (2) JANE: Really? He's got a pretty big change jar. ALEX: Yeah. It's a big haul if someone wins the whole thing. (3) LISA: Would you like to go for a run? JANE: Not now. I'm learning poker so I can play the guys. (4) LISA: Oh, Jane! You're showing an interest in family fun! JANE: Um, yeah. That's it.

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TSB wrote:
As I was brainstorming plots this weekend, I came up with the idea of an arc in which Jane tries to master poker in order to win money from the guys. The way I look at it, Jane should have no problem learning the cards, but her personality will make bluffing a challenge.

I see this as an opportunity to make a little emotional journey within the framework of a fun plot. Hope you enjoy it.
04/11/05 13:08:30

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