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(#40) Jane: I can beat the computer

(1) JANE: Who says that learning poker is hard? I've been playing the computer for hours and I'm kicking butt. (2) LISA: That's not really poker. That just teaches you card combinations. JANE: That's how you win, Lisa. (3) LISA: The best cards won't help you if you can't work the other players. You have to bet, bluff, and notice tells. (4) JANE: Oh, please, like you would know. If I can beat a computer, I can beat Alex and Brian. LISA: We'll see.
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TSB wrote:
As I was working on this episode, I remembered a coworker of mine from the early 90s. He would change his watch--and every clock in the office--to match the time on the computer. To him, the computer was the great and magnificent Oz and he refused to believe that it could ever be wrong about anything.

I'm very pleased with the way this episode turned out. I'm a writer, not an artist, and the main reason that I made Action Figure Diary a comic is because it seemed like the best way to tell the story. I spend a lot of time struggling with the visual aspects of this project, but these photos required very little tinkering.

Jane is playing a Flash game that Joe found on the web. Lisa is reading a lovely book called Dew Drops: Pearls of Wisdom by the Venerable Master Hua.
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