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(#41) Jane: Fold!

(1) [First hand] ALEX: Brian and I are both in. What's your bet, Jane? JANE: Fold! I can't believe the rotten cards you dealt me! (2) [Second hand] BRIAN: Raise. ALEX: Call. JANE: Fold! (3) [Third hand] JANE: Finally, some decent cards! Get ready to give up your cash, boys! ALEX: Fold. BRIAN: Fold. (4) [Later...] LISA: How was the poker game? JANE: I don't want to talk about it.

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TSB wrote:
You can't read it in the finished comic, but the left-hand page that Lisa is reading in panel 4 says "The Truth of Suffering." (Ch. 2 of the Dalai Lama's Book of Awakening )

It was meant to be a bonus tidbit for those who look closely at the comic, but now it's a bonus tidbit for those who read my comments!
04/24/05 10:04:59

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