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(#45) Jane: I'll be unstoppable

Well, I knew that I needed a plan, and Lisa helped me find one. She convinced me that I have to learn to bluff if I really want to kick butt at poker.

I always thought of bluffing as a wimpy way to win. I want to conquer with cards, not words. But Lisa said that when you bluff, you make your opponent kick his own butt. Thatís like winning a fight by making a guy punch himself in the face! I am totally down with that.

Lisa and I have been practicing bluffing for a few days now and Iím getting better. It feels weird to keep a straight, calm face no matter what my cards are, though. Iím not a keeping-it-in kind of person. Iím more of an in-your-face kind of person.

Oh, well. You have to do what works, and bluffing seems to be it. Now that Lisaís helping me with that part of my game, I'll be unstoppable. The change jar will be mine.
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