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(#47) Trish: I smile at all my cards

(1) TRISH: What's got you down, Jane? JANE: I'm trying to win at poker, but I can't keep a poker face. (2) TRISH: Yeah, I can't keep a straight face myself. I smile when I get good cards. JANE: Then how do you win so much? (3) TRISH: Since I can't keep a straight face, I smile at all my cards. That keeps my opponenets from knowing what I have, which is the goal of a poker face. (4) JANE: So I can have an attitude, I just can't show my ups and downs. TRISH: Exactly.
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TSB wrote:
Since I'm in the shots, my fabulous husband took these photos for me. I did the writing and production. Thanks, Joe!
06/06/05 09:45:51

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